Fleet Pressure Washing, Inc.


Flat Surface Cleaning - Teller Lanes, Fuel Islands, Sidewalks, Entranceways, Commercial Flooring.

Flat surfaces are pre-soaked or fogged with detergents, degreasers or chemical solutions in proper dilution ratios for the removal of pollution, dirt, mildew, petroleum residuals, rust and gum.

Rotary Surface Cleaners Because of their through and consistent cleaning pattern, are then utilized to clean with hot or cold water. Final rinsing is completed with a wand to clean corners and hard to reach spots by moving quickly back over the surface sweeping trash and dirt ahead of you to your collection/recovery area.


Flat Surface Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning - Industrial

During the initial estimate/consultation, FPW establishes the type of material, stains, dirt and pollution to be cleaned. We perform a patch test to determine what method, cleaning products, and specifications are necessary to obtain the desired results.

We apply the cleaning products to approximately 200-300 sq.ft. of surface area at a time, detailing any particularly dirty areas.

Beginning at the top we thoroughly rinse the area clean to prevent leaving any streaking, oxidation or chemical film.


Exterior Cleaning