Fleet Pressure Washing, Inc.

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  • Fleet Washing

    Fleet Pressure Washing provides mobile fleet washing for all truck and vehicle fleets large and small. Our mobile wash trucks are self contained to provide mobile remote cleaning service. Environmental waste water recovery systems are on all trucks.

  • Cleaning Method for Trucks

    We dispense detergent/solutions at specific dilution ratios, cleaning agents are allowed to dwell, and then brush cleaning agents to remove road film, exhaust residue, bug splatters, fingerprints and grime. To prevent damage, no detergents/solutions are allowed to dry on vehicle surface prior to our final hot/cold water rinse.

  • Optional Service:

    Engine Cleaning
    Chassis Under Carriage Cleaning
    Liquid Wax
    Hand Wax or Polish
    Interior Cleaning


Fleet Washing

  • Railroad/Heavy Equipment

    We can provide cleaning service for your track and heavy equipment with 100% EPA compliance. Because hot water is a better solvent than cold, the advantages where grease/oil is present are tremendous. We use a 500,000 btu hot water cleaning system on all heavy equipment. Methods of isolation, recovery and disposal will be determined after a site visit.


Railroad/Heavy Equipment